Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zion Memories (from Power Point Presentation)

For those that could not attend the presentation put on by Cheryl Sturges and the gang at the 115th Anniversary. We have converted that Power Point presentation so that all can enjoy it below.

It will run for about 5 minutes or so, each picture runs about 3 - 5 seconds.

You can download this movie by "right click'ing" (save target as) on the download the movie located in the right column on this page under History of Zion

click on the arrow above to start watching this

Thanks to Cheryl Sturges for all her hard work !!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Letters from past pastors and members

Here are letters we received from past Pastors and members on the subject of our 115th anniversary. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them so that they are readable to you. Enjoy !!

Letter from Sonya and Ted Lindquist:

Pastor Richard W. Dow:

Letter from Inez Morrall:

An email from Miriam Nakayama:

Letter from Pastor Kenneth R. McKnight:

Letter from Jean Twyning:
From Pastor Tina Koenig Ray:
Greetings to you all. I rejoice with you as you celebrate Zion's 115th anniversary. What a wonderful day! It was an honor and pleasure to be the first woman that you have called to ministry. It's hard to believe, but I just celbrated my 20th anniversary of ordination. What a wonderful blessing it was to have you, the people of God at Zion, as my first parish. I continue in the ministry in my 3/4 time call here at Atonement Lutheran in Beloit, WI. I also continue my chaplain call by working at Heartland Hospice one day a week. I have very fond memories of my time and ministry at Zion and pray for your continued blessings. God bless you and keep you and may God's face shine upon you and give you continued peace.
Pastor Tina Koening Ray

From Pastor Ahnquist:
I want to join the many voices of members of Zion Lutheran Church of Belvidere as you celebrate 115 years. i was there but for a few in the early 1990's as a visitation pastor. I recall with much joy my time with the members, staff, not least of all Kathy Martin and of course karl Redelsheimer. We remained good friends after I left Zion. My initial contact with his congregation was as a member of the Augustana Seminary Chorus. I stayed at a dairy farm when we gave a concert in the 1940's. On this special day, know that I am with you in thought and spirit. We not only look back but look forward to may more years of Evangelical lutheran preaching and service.
Your Servant in Christ, Pastor Hubert Ahnquist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zion's Anniversary summary

Thank you to everyone who made the Anniversary weekend so enjoyable. Thank you to Dan Druckrey for having the church and the grounds so clean and polished. Thank you to Wanda Watts and her helpers, Ardys Brockway and Sandra Dotzler for making her delicious potato salad. On Saturday morning, Dan Druckrey, Jon Huffman, Bob Brockway, Tanya Hoemke, Sandra Cregeen (she has not forgotten the table setting lesson she learned while raising money to rebuild the church), Pastor, John Enright, Wanda and Sandra were back and Doris Miller all met to set and decorate the tables and prepare the fruit salad, cheese trays and beans. Thank you to Doris and John Miller for donating the paper products and table decorations.

We began the evening with a Confirmation Reunion. Dorothy Rehn was honored with a table donated for having the class with the most members present. However, later that evening Floyd Anderson said that his class of two were both there for the meal, so in Floyd and Art Sell’s honor of having 100% of their confirmation class present, 2 more tables for the fellowship hall were purchased. We also gave tables (12 in all) in honor of their longevity at Zion: Hazel Howe, Louise Tyler, Ruby Flemming, Art Sell family, Walter and Karin Hallen. Marguerite Fowler and Dean and Janet Anderson were recognized for having 4 generations of their family still worshiping at Zion.

Thank you to Carleen Courtney for providing dinner music. Nolan Courtney was able to meet Nolan Watson! It was nice they were both there to celebrate our anniversary. Kay Boudreau did a great job making and decorating 150 cupcakes for Saturday evening and 2 cakes for Sunday morning, thank you. We quickly cleaned up after eating, thank you to Chris and Sam Larson and Emma Bye for joining the crew and cleaning up.

Thank you to John Enright for being our MC for the evening as he once again took us on a timeline of Zion along with local history and a BEAR VS PACKERS history. The Bruce and Dan show provided us with entertainment for the evening. It was wonderful to see Pastor Karl N. Redelsheimer and hear him speak of his memories growing up at Zion. We were able to meet his entire family, how fast they do grow. John Enright also read letters from previous pastors.

[ Those letters will be posted here soon ]

We ended the evening with Pastor Otto focusing on our ONE FAITH-ONE MISSION-ONE ACTION theme for the year. Thank you to Stephanie Bye for making our covenant. For those of you who could not attend the evening, on our web page, you will be able to look at the Anniversary book, the power point of the last 115 years and letters from our previous pastors.

Thank you to Mike Knitter for helping with the web page additions. Thank you to Kathy Martin for typing our program for the evening.

The best part of being a member of Zion and taking on a project is the many hands that always pitch in to help make the work load lighter, hopefully I didn’t forget someone.

Gratefully, Cheryl Sturges
Council President

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stroll through the history of Zion

Thanks to Cheryl Sturges for her outstanding work and creativity on coming up with this wonder glimpse of Zion history.

Click on the link on the right side of this page to download your own PDF copy of this wonderful booklet.

Pass your mouse over the green "115th Annivesary Book".
Then RIGHT click on it.
Choose SAVE target as...
download to your computer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Come Celebrate with Us August 29, 30th

One Faith—One Mission—One Action
115th Anniversary of Zion Lutheran Church
Saturday, August 29—Sunday, August 30

We will begin celebrating Zion’s 115th Anniversary on Saturday,
August 29th. At 4:00 pm, those who were confirmed at Zion are invited to a reunion of the classes. There will be a prize for the class with the greatest percent in attendance, the one who traveled the farthest and the oldest confirmed member from Zion. Punch and finger snacks will be served.

Continuing at 5:30, we will have other members join us to picnic inside. We will be serving BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and of course, birthday cupcakes. A power point presentation will run during our meal with pictures and remembrances that were shared at our Legacy dinner in July. Rev. Karl N. Redelsheimer will be our guest speaker for the evening, and our entertainment will be the “Bruce and Don Show”. We have invited some of our past Pastors and their families to be guests with us. A free will offering will be taken to offset the cost of the meal.

We will conclude the evening of remembrance by focusing on our theme of One Faith—One Mission—One Action. Our faith in God and faith in His plans for Zion, as He has led us for 115 years; He still has great plans for us. Our Mission: We Are a Caring Congregation Committed to Sharing Christ’s Love with the World” are One
Action by you during the upcoming year that demonstrates your faith and Zion’s mission.

On Sunday, August 30 at 9:00 a.m., we will have a special worship
service. Our guest speaker is Pastor Jeff Clements, Assistant to the Bishop, from the NI Synod; Julane Nease will speak to us about our “Jeremiah Project”; our Music Director, Carleen Courtney, is preparing special music with the Bell Choir and Senior Choir; we will conclude the Roof Donations Project and have a Birthday cake reception following the service. We are also planning a reaffirmation of our Mission Statement and your one Action.

No birthday is complete without a present. It would be a blessing if we could make our gift in increments of 115. You could give: 115 days of continued prayer for Zion’s mission (that would be until Christmas Eve), 115 minutes of extra service to Zion this year, or a monetary gift of $115 as a “Faith Offering” which would help us reach our budget goals for 2009.

If you are planning to attend the Saturday, August 29th Anniversary meal, please call the church office or sign up on the bulletin board in the narthex.

Anniversary committee is looking for…
The Anniversary Committee is looking for families that have four (4) generations still worshipping at Zion. We are also looking for the members of the church who have worshipped here for 80 years, 85 years, or 90 years. If this is you, please call Kathy at the church office so we can recognize you during our celebration. Just call 815.547.6102.